Survival Skills

Survival Skills

Building a fire with only materials from the forest

Students looking at a map of SOES

Students hiking through the forest in the Spring

Map or Compass Orienteering

Using a map is an essential skill for finding your way, rescue or preventing a survival situation. Students can try to rescue and extract a stuffed dummy, or try their hand at an overland orienteering course. 


Fire Building

Part of the 4 big survival musts, fire is created through a variety of ways. Students will explore some of the ways to create fire through inquiry.  Some options include matches, bow drill, magnifying glasses and flint and steel. .

Skiers following each other on a trail

Students snowshoeing in the forest

Shelter Building

Students have a time limit on building a shelter using naural materials the forest has to offer.Students utilize inquiry to create a shelter efficiently that can withstand the elements of the environment.  


Cooking and Hunting Skills  

Students can cook Bannock, Cedar tea, or a lunch over the fire to cook food they need to suvive.  Students can also practice hunting skills such as preparing a trap, archery, and an inquiry on other iprovised hunting tools such as spears and clubs.