Our Programs from A to Z

A swim comfortability test will occur at our waterfront as a prerequisite to all canoeing and waterfront activities and is available after Victoria Day (weather dependent). A PFD will be worn by all students while in or on the water.

Indigenous Hunting Technology

(fall and late spring only)
Get an opportunity to experience, explore and compare a variety of First Nation hunting tools and their development over time.

(fall, spring, May and June)

Get around the campfire, choose your activities, stories, skits or songs.

(weather dependent after Victoria Day)

After a supervised dump (capsize) on the first afternoon students can learn about canoeing through first hand experience!

Co-operative Games
(all seasons)

An excellent and popular program that is often used to 'break the ice' on the first night. Led by our staff, your group will be challenged by dynamic and active games both indoors and out.

Cross Country Skiing
(winter only)

Strap on nordic skis and learn how to go up then downhill. If you have time we have the trails for you to ski!

Earth Quest
(all seasons)

Students use a map to search for information on positive and negative human impact on the environment.

Earth Repair
(spring and fall only)

Get outside, be active and get into the mud while at the same time restoring, repairing and therefore reducing our human impact.

Fire Technology
(Spring and fall only)

Students get the opportunity to try starting a fire using historical bow drill and flint with steel techniques. Often included is a fire challenge using matches to get a fire going big enough boil water, burn through a string or cook something.

Forest Hike
(all seasons)

A program with the 'wow' factor. Hike through our forest and explore a range of themes and subjects.

High Ropes
(spring and fall only)

Students will use team work and trust to scale a wall and climb a vertical playground while belayed in a well supervised setting.

(spring and fall only)

Looking to promote teamwork and work on problem solving skills with your students? Initiatives can help challenge your students with problems and trust activities that focus on character and team building.

Inuit Games
(fall and winter only)

Learn about inuit culture then demonstrate teamwork, co-ordination and trust with the blanket toss and other inuit game.

Low Ropes
(spring and fall only)

Group problem solving and team building activities using our challenging low ropes course. The activities can be chosen to focus on a specific character trait.

Map or Compass Orienteering
(all seasons)

Select from map or compass orienteering. Using a map is an essential skill for finding your way. Learning to use a compass will stretch and challenge your students.

Maple Syrup
(spring only)

See and get involved with Maple Syrup production at SOES. Tap trees, collect sap, watch a boil down and maybe taste some.

Owl Prowl
(all seasons)

Learn about then take a night walk in search of the Barred Owl in its forest habitat.

Pond Study
(spring and fall only)

Search for, discover and experience the diversity of life in our pond with this hands on program.

Predator and Prey
(all seasons)

Students learn about forest ecosystems and then take on the role of a mammal trying to survive in forest habitat.

(winter only)

Discover the origins of the snowshoe and use our snowshoes in the forest to see how they work.

(weather dependent after Victoria Day)

Comfort test for canoeing, jump dump and free swim all available after Victoria Day at our waterfront (weather dependent).

(all seasons)

Ask to visit our teepee as one of your programs to experience First Nations food, fire lighting technique and legends.

Trappers and Traders
(spring and fall only, winter on request)

Students learn about the development of this fur trade in Canada before becoming the First Nations trappers.

(weather dependent after Victoria Day)

Get into our big freight or Montreal canoe and learn about the Voyageurs and their hard life. A great intro to canoeing.

Water Regatta
(weather dependent after Victoria Day)

Meet at the beach on our waterfront for a "splashing" good time. Games, races and challenges await those who dare plan this program!

Wolf Howl
(all seasons)

Learn about the wolves that live in our northern ecosystem before a short walk into the night to howl for wolves.