A to Z

Our Programs from A to Z

A swim comfortability test will occur at our waterfront as a prerequisite to all canoeing and waterfront activities and is available after Victoria Day (weather dependent). A PFD will be worn by all students while in or on the water.

Aquatic Ecology
(spring and fall only)

Search for, discover and experience the rich biodiversity of life in our pond with this hands on program. Students are always surprised by all that lives there beyond frogs and leeches.

Art - A Collaboration with Nature
(all seasons)
Through one of a number of mediums, students will explore their creativity inspired by nature. Watercolour painting, sketching and Andy Goldsworthy type art installations are some of the options available.

Bat Chat
(fall and spring)
This evening program is a great introduction to biodiversity, endangered species, the role that bats play in maintaining healthy ecosystems and the impact humans have on them. The outdoor portion of the program includes echolocation, picking up frequencies of bats and exploring the senses.

Biodiversity Games
(all seasons)
A variety of games that are based on the theme of biodiversity will be played and debriefed combining fun and learning. Games will come from CWF's Project WILD and Below Zero or adapted from other sources to fit the theme.

(fall, spring, May and June)
Get around the campfire, choose your activities, stories, skits and songs.

(all seasons)
A great introduction for students to overnight camping with all the necessary gear provided. For older grades building and then sleeping out in a quinzhee is an option in the winter.

(weather dependent after Victoria Day)

After a supervised dump (capsize) on the first afternoon students learn the basics of canoeing through first hand experience!

Cooperative Games
(all seasons)
An excellent and popular program that is often used to 'break the ice' on the first night. Led by our staff, your group will be challenged by dynamic and active games both indoors and out.

Cross Country Skiing
(winter only)

Strap on nordic skis and learn how to ski on a variety of terrain from flats, to uphill and downhill. We have a variety of trails to progress through varied and improving abilities.

Custom Program
(all seasons)
Perhaps there is a topic you're focusing on at school that lends itself well to further inquiry in the outdoors, or as a teacher you have a program that you would like to run on your own (with a little help or set up from the SOES team), or there is something you've always wanted to try that works in our setting. Let's work together to make your program happen.

Digital Photography
(all seasons)
Students will be introduced to the basic elements of photographic design and composition while using a smartphone. The photos can be captured on a particular theme or topic of inquiry, for further investigation and research back at school or to evaluate for their artistic merit. Photos can be sent to the school for further exploration.

Earth Quest
(all seasons)
Students use a map to search for information on the positive and negative impacts of humans on the environment.

Earth Stewardship
(spring and fall only)

Get outside, be active and get into the mud while at the same time restoring, repairing and therefore reducing our human impact.

Fire Technology
(Spring and fall only)

Students get the opportunity to try starting a fire using historical bow drill and flint with steel techniques. Often included is a fire challenge using matches to get a fire going big enough to boil water, burn through a string or cook something.

Forest Hike
(all seasons except after the May long weekend)

A program with the 'wow' factor. Hike through our forest and explore a range of themes and subjects or focus on just one.

(fall and spring)
Through work and study in the gardens and/or greenhouse at SOES students are introduced to a healthy lifestyle, an ethic of environmental sustainability, a sense of teamwork and will increase their understanding of the importance of biodiversity.

Group Initiatives
(any season)

Looking to promote teamwork and work on problem solving skills with your students? Initiatives can help challenge your students with problems and trust activities that focus on character and team building.

High Ropes
(spring and fall only)
Students will use team work and trust to scale a wall and climb a vertical playground while belayed in a well supervised setting.

Indigenous Games
(any season)
So much can be taught through games. Students learn to play some traditional Indigenous games and explore how they contribute to the culture and society of a people.

Indigenous Hunting Technology
(fall and late spring only, pre bugs)
Get an opportunity to experience, explore and compare a variety of First Nation hunting tools and their development over time.

Inuit Games
(fall and winter only)

Learn about Inuit culture and history and then demonstrate teamwork, co-ordination and trust with the blanket toss and other Inuit games.

Low Ropes
(spring and fall only)

Students engage in group problem solving and team building activities using our challenging low ropes course. The activities can be chosen to focus on a specific character trait.

Maple Syrup
(late February and March)

See and get involved with Maple Syrup production at SOES. Through the inquiry process explore the history and different methods of tapping trees, collecting sap, what makes a good tree to tap and then maybe watch a boil down and perhaps get a delicious taste.

(any season)
A variety of activities can be introduced that will focus on being mindful that will increase well being. These may include sit spots, nature journaling, art activities, photography, gardening, yoga or other guided movement.

Night Walk
late fall and winter)

Through a series of activities and discussions students become more accustomed to the the world at night. With any luck the night is clear and we can also explore the skies above.

(all seasons)

Select from map or compass orienteering. Using a map is an essential skill for finding your way. Learning to use a compass will stretch and challenge your students. Both give students the opportunity to work in small groups on one of our many courses.

Owl Prowl
(all seasons)
Learn about then take a night walk in search of the Barred Owl in its forest habitat.

Predator and Prey
(all seasons)

Students learn about forest ecosystems and then take on the role of a mammal trying to survive in forest habitat.

Rube Goldberg Machines
(all seasons)
A Rube Goldberg Machine is a complex machine to solve a simple problem. This is a great team building activity that celebrates student voice, creative thinking and problem solving as students work with the materials provided to make their portion of a giant machine.

Shelter Building  > (any season)
In this experiential program students will learn the fundamentals of making a shelter and then have the opportunity to create their own shelters given a variety of materials. Depending on the time of year this could include brush shelters, using a rope and tarp, or in the winter building a quinzhee.

(winter only)

Discover the origins of the snowshoe and use our snowshoes in the forest to see how they make winter travel possible.

(weather dependent after Victoria Day)

After a water comfortability test while wearing a PFD, students will be able to partake in a free swim while well guarded by our National Lifeguard certified staff. Students will always be required to wear a PFD at the waterfront no matter what their swimming skills are.

(all seasons)

Ask to visit our teepee as one of your programs to experience First Nations food, fire lighting technique and First Nations stories. It's a magical night program but can also be conducted with larger groups during the day where we can split into two groups.

Trees in the Community
(fall, winter and spring)
Explore the significant impact that trees have on our lives both past and present in communities including First Nations, Métis, and Inuit and those communities interrelationship with biodiversity. Through an active game students must discover and find the trees they need for shelter, food and technology depending on the role they take on.

Voyageur Canoeing
(weather dependent after Victoria Day)
Get into our Canot du Maître and learn about the Voyageurs and their hard life. This very stable large canoe is a great intro to canoeing for first timers.

Students will learn about and assess watershed health by playing educational games and testing the water from various sources using probes measuring various water quality parameters.

Water Regatta
(weather dependent after Victoria Day)

Meet at the beach on our waterfront for a "splashing" good time. Games, races and challenges await those who dare plan this program!

Wolf Howl
(all seasons)

Learn about the wolves that live in our northern ecosystem before a short walk into the night to howl for wolves and await a response.