Group Initiatives

Group Initiatives

Overall Goal
Students will be working together to problem solve various tasks. By looking at the process of how they worked together they’ll be challenged to evaluate and improve their skills of cooperation, team building, communication and leadership.

Grade 6 Curriculum Connections

Health and Physical Education

  • participate actively and regularly in a wide variety of physical activities, and demonstrate an understanding of factors that encourage lifelong participation in physical activity
  • demonstrate an understanding of the importance of being physically active, and apply physical fitness concepts and practices that contribute to healthy, active living
  • demonstrate responsibility for their own safety and the safety of others as they participate in physical activities
  • perform movement skills, demonstrating an understanding of the basic requirements of the skills and applying movement concepts as appropriate, as they engage in a variety of physical activities
  • apply movement strategies appropriately, demonstrating an understanding of the components of a variety of physical activities, in order to enhance their ability to participate successfully in those activities

Program Description
Working together to solve a challenge is a very important part of life. We often ask our students to work together at school and they will undoubtedly be challenged to work as part of a team when they leave school.

Our initiatives ask students to solve a problem or challenge. These initiatives never fail to show us and the students both team and individual strengths and weaknesses when working together. Our staff will ask your students to think about what went well and what could help them to work together better when completing a task.

Success Criteria/Learning Goals

  1. Students will communicate effectively, using verbal and nonverbal means as they attempt a variety of group initiatives.
  2. Students demonstrate behaviours that maximize their safety and that of others.
  3. Students will evaluate and improve their skills of cooperation, team building, communication and leadership.


Can be partnered with Low Ropes in a larger time slot. Can be done most times of the year with inside or outside options.