Rates & Dates

2022 Rates & Dates

*It is official! We will be operating for summer 2022.*


 Adventure in the Outdoors    (5 & 8 Day Programs) Age 9 - 12

The focus of this program is placed on exploring the natural environment in safe outdoor activities with an emphasis on fun. It’s based on traditional camp experiences such as swimming, canoeing, kayaking, ropes courses, arts and crafts, hiking and camping.  A perfect program for first time campers!

5 Day Sessions: July 4-8(FULL), August 15-19 (FULL)
Cost:  $550.00

8 Day Sessions: July 8-15(FULL), July 15-22, August 5-12
Cost:  $830.00     

 Survive the Outdoors    (5 & 8 Day Programs) Age 11 - 14

This program focuses on many forms of survival skills including shelter building and fire by friction. Campers will still be involved in some traditional camp experiences. They will have an opportunity to practice their skills on a (one or two night) camp out.

5 Day Sessions: July 4-8 (FULL)
Cost: $575.00

8 Day Session: July 8-15, August 5-12  
Cost: $855.00        

 Brave the Outdoors    (5 Days) Age 13 - 18

A traditional camp program where campers can challenge themselves, work on skills or simply enjoy the camp atmosphere. Campers will be involved in traditional camp activities, with the possibility in a one night camp out.

Sessions: July 4-8,  August 15-19
Cost:  $550.00 

 Challenge the Rope Elements    (5 & 8 Day Programs) Age 11 - 16

Campers attending this program will focus on the high ropes elements our facility offers such as; the giant swing, static course, dangle-a-maze, climbing and the vertical playground. The campers will be introduced to skills needed to facilitate such elements such as safety procedures, element set up and gear checks. Campers are encouraged to set goals for the week to gain proficiency at knot tying, belaying and climbing techniques. Campers will also be involved in traditional camp activities with the possibility of a one night camp out.

5 Day Sessions: July 4-8 (FULL), August 15-19
Cost: $550.00

8 Day Session: July 15-22, 
Cost: $830.00


 Voyageurs    (8 Days) Age 11 - 14

Campers will be involved in a 4 day canoe trip, to introduce, enhance or further their tripping skills. Trips will be in the Algonquin Park area, the Martin River area or the Temagami area.

Sessions: July 8-15 (FULL)
Cost:  $920.00

*Note: Swimming Prerequisite

 Sr. Voyageurs    (8 Days) Age 14 - 18 **Dates have Changed.

Campers will be involved in a 4 day canoe trip, to introduce, enhance or further their tripping skills. Trips will be in Algonquin Park, on the Martin River or in the Temagami area.

Sessions: July 15-22 (FULL), August 5-12
Cost:  $920.00

*Note: Swimming Prerequisite

 Introduction to Wilderness     (15 Days) Age 11 - 14 **Dates have Changed

This program will encourage campers to further develop cooperative team building and problem solving. It includes an introduction to minimal impact camping and development of canoe tripping skills as well as traditional camp activities such as kayaking, initiative courses and high ropes activities to help enhance fun and personal growth. The focus of this session is a 8 day wilderness canoe trip in the Algonquin Park or Temagami area. 

Sessions: August 5 - 19
Cost:  $1,725.00

*Note: Swimming Prerequisite


 Wilderness Leadership     (15 Days) Age 14 - 18 **CHANGED.

Camping and Outdoor Skills are the focus of this program. Campers will develop their abilities under the guidance of our senior staff. This program will feature a 8-9 day wilderness canoe trip during which campers will take a leadership role in the planning and co-ordination of their own tripping experience. Campers will have the option to partake in a solo one night camping experience onsite. Campers will be required to draw upon their previous canoe tripping experiences in order to improve their skills and knowledge to a leadership level. Trips will be in the Algonquin Park or Temagami area. 

Sessions: August 5- August 19
Cost:  $1,725.00

*Note: Swimming Prerequisite

 Sr. Leadership     (22 Days) Age 15 - 18 - Closed

Group leadership skills, communication and initiative will be emphasized throughout this program. Under the supervision of our senior staff, campers will get hands-on experience in the planning and facilitating of activities; as well as supervising and instructing younger campers. Knowledge or familiarity with an outdoor or summer camp atmosphere would be an asset to anyone applying to Sr. Leadership. The program features a 8-9 day canoe trip in the Algonquin Park or Temagami area. Campers must apply a cover letter.

Sessions: July 8-29 - Closed.
Cost:  $2,500.00 

*Note: Swimming Prerequisite

Swimming Prerequisite

To participate in canoe trips campers are required to meet the swimming prerequisite of being able to comfortably swim 100m and tread water for 3 minutes. Acceptance of standards are determined by NL qualified Senior Staff at Camp Kearney.