Visiting SOES

Visiting SOES - What to Expect at SOES


Students stay in one of three accommodations at SOES. The Homestead/Bunkhouse are two cabins that were the first buildings to be built on the land at SOES. Upgraded to be warm and comfortable, these cabins offer bunks in separate buildings (Homestead 18/Bunkhouse 22). The Lodge is our main building where the kitchen, dining room and offices are located. The upstairs of the Lodge features 5 rooms that allows separate accommodation by gender, 38 students total.  The Ridge cabins provide additional accommodation for either a small class or as an overflow for large groups. There are three cabins, one central meeting cabin and two with bunks for 14 each. Washroom facilities are a few steps away in the solar powered straw bale wash house.

The Homestead :

The Homestead cabin at SOES


The Lodge:

The lodge building at SOES