High Ropes



Overall Goal

 On this challenge course students will have the chance to step outside of their comfort zone. This physical activity will require students to persevere to overcome the obstacles confronting them. Ladders, rocks, tires, beams set up vertically to climb and and conquer.  As they climb, students must rely and trust their peers to support them on a staff supervised belay system. Our site is set up with different climbing elements(rock wall, vertical playground, dangle-a-maze) used to create a learning environment suited to your students.  

 Those on the ground supporting their friends, are as involved as those that are climbing. The belay system is set up to protect the climber, and those on the line are actively keeping their peer safe.  All belaying is supervised by our certified staff. We provide an extremely safe setting for this unique and exciting activity that can be enjoyed by any age group. 

Grade 6 Curriculum Connections

Physical and Health Education

  • Demonstrate personal and interpersonal skills and the use of critical and creative thinking processes as they acquire knowledge and skills in connection with the expectations in the Active Living, Movement Competence, and Healthy Living strands for this grade.
  • Participate actively and regularly in a wide variety of physical activities and demonstrate an understanding of factors that encourage lifelong participation in physical activity.
  • Demonstrate responsibility for their own safety and the safety of others as they participate in physical activities. 
  • Perform movement skills, demonstrate an understanding of the basic requirements of the skills and applying movement concepts as appropriate, as they engage in a variety of physical activities. 
  • Apply movement strategies appropriately, demonstrating an understanding of the components of a variety of physical activities, in order to enhance their ability to participate successfully in those activities. 

 Program Description

High Ropes
Our high ropes program can include any one of the following elements or a combination of a few. Some of the elements are better suited for grade 6's while others work best with senior classes (gr 7+). The low ropes and group dynamics program are fantastic and fun stepping stones leading to the high ropes activities. We would encourage all groups to build a program that incorporates both the low ropes and high ropes into their visit. 

  • Climbing Wall and Vertical Playground
    A choose your own adventure set up so students can select with line they would prefer. From a traditional rock wall set up to an obstacle course in the air. All lines are supported by peers and supervised by qualified staff. 
  • Danglamaze.
    A fantastic team building activity that has the whole group working together to attain a common goal.
  • Giant swing. (Gr.7+)
    Students can soar through the air, high in the sky with the help of the group. This is a challenge by choice activity offered to senior students
  • High Elements (Gr. 7 +) 
    Senior students can spend time up in the air with some of their classmates traversing horizontal elements while using ropes, tires and wobbly bridge
  • Bouldering wall
    A fun and exciting free climbing experience. Students traverse around the wall challenging themselves to their best ability. This lower set up allows students to work independently, while still encouraging and supporting their peers. This is great to use in combination with the low-ropes program as well as the high ropes program.  

Success Criteria/Learning Goals

1. Students will demonstrate the correct way to support and belay other students.

2.  Students will explain how communication between a group is essential to success during High Ropes.

3.  Students will understand that success is a personal thing, that by setting realistic expectations, everyone can feel like they have accomplished their own personal goals.


Pre-Trip Activity 

Depending on how well your students know each other some group dynamics activities prior to a visit would be beneficial to the group. Here are a few simple Group Dynamic Activities you can try in the class; we would suggest starting with 'a Common Thread' and 'applause please' - a couple of good ones. 
This website of Group Dynamic Activities is a great resource if you want to maintain a higher level of group cohesion throughout the school year. Also check out Teamwork and Play for additional activities and resources. 


This activity is suitable for the fall and early spring.