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Skiers in a line on a trail at SOES

Active Programs

Students looking at a map of SOES

Students hiking through the forest in the Spring

Map or Compass Orienteering
(all seasons)

Select from map or compass orienteering. Using a map is an essential skill for finding your way. Learning to use a compass will stretch and challenge your students.

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(all seasons)

A program with the 'wow' factor. Hike through our forest and explore a range of themes and subjects.

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Skiers following each other on a trail

Students snowshoeing in the forest

Cross Country Skiing
(winter only)

Strap on nordic skis and learn how to go up then downhill. If you have time we have the trails for you to ski!

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(winter only)

Discover the origins of the snowshoe and use our snowshoes in the forest to see how they work.

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