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We offer Learning Support to IPRC’d grade 12 students through GLE4O – Advanced Learning Strategies: Skills for Success After Secondary School which is a continuation of the Grade 11 Advanced Learning Strategies course – GLE3O. In addition, we continue to offer Learning Support in Grade 10 Resource through the Learning Strategies course for IPRC’d grade 10 students – GLE2O – Grade 10 curriculum will be delivered in the areas of:

■Learning skills
■Personal knowledge and management skills
■Interpersonal knowledge and skills
■Exploration of opportunities
GLE 30 – Grade 11 students will explore the following additional strands:

■Exploration of opportunities
■Preparation for transitions & change
GLE 40 – Grade 12 students have the opportunity to have all five strands reinforced.

■Learning skills
■Personal knowledge and management skills
■Interpersonal knowledge and skills
■Exploration of opportunities
■Preparation for transitions & change
The emphasis of GLE 40 is to prepare students for education or work following secondary school graduation. Students are encouraged to develop skills of executive functioning and become increasingly self-reliant. Particular stress is placed on skills and strategies necessary for college and university. In addition to reinforcing skills to help student become more responsible for their own learning, these include exploring several options to enable students to make informed choices regarding colleges or universities that offer appropriate courses to suit students’ needs and interests.

Student Success
Course Outlines

GLS1O Course Outline

GLS4O Course outline

Student Success / Credit Recovery
“The Ontario Secondary School, Grades 9 to 12: Program and Diploma Requirements (1999), empowers Principals to develop remedial programs, allowing students to recover failed credits while attending their regular day school program. It is not intended to replace programs already in existence; rather, it provides an in-school alternative, facilitating student success.”
TDSB Credit Recovery Guideline, September 2007

The Student Success initiative addresses the needs of students who have failed one or more Grade 10 courses at York Mills. Credit accumulation in Grade 10 is essential for graduation and impacts attainment of an OSSD. Admission to Credit Recovery is determined by a school team and students must meet specific criteria determined by the Student Success Team.

Credit Recovery is the course which enables students to make up the expectations they missed in core/compulsory courses such as Math, Science, English, Careers & Civics. They may also obtain a credit in GLS, Learning Strategies, as it is recognized that students may need

enhancement of learning strategies in order to be successful across the curriculum.

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