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Course Flowchart
Course Code: PPL 20 M/F – separate Gym

Focus: Wide range of activities to broaden fundamental skills and increase participation.
Units: Badminton, Baseball, Basketball, Floor Hockey Football, Soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, Volleyball, Weight


Course Code: PAL 20/30 – Co-ed Volleyball

Focus: Volleyball
Units: foundations, passing, setting, serving, spiking, offensive/defensive game play strategies, advanced combination drills, various game play

Course Code: PPL30 M/F – separate Gym

Focus: Participation in a wide range of physical activities, Develop strategies that maximize team play and success
Units: Badminton, Baseball, Basketball, Floor Hockey, Lacrosse, Soccer, Volleyball

Course Code: PAF 30 – Co-ed Fitness

Focus: Fundamental Concepts of Fitness & Nutrition, Traditional & New Age Work-outs
Units: Core, Power & Endurance Training, Rock Climbing, Yoga, Up Tempo Games

Course Code: PAI 30/40 – Co-ed Racquet Sports & Individual Activities

Focus: Individual Initiative, Small Group Communication, Developing Leadership
Units: Archery, Badminton, Tennis, Rock Climbing, Table Tennis, Golf, Weight Training

Course Code: PAF 40 – Co-ed Fitness

Focus: Understand New Fitness Trends, Develop Fitness, Develop Sport-Specific Fitness Plans
Units: Bigger, Faster, Stronger!
Jump higher, run faster, throw farther, hit harder, get explosive!

Course Code: PPL40 – Co-ed Gym

Focus: Develop Leadership, Sportsmanship and Communication Skills in Large Group Settings
Units: Students will have the opportunity to choose the unit of sport to participate in: Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, Volleyball, Outdoor Winter Sports, Skating, Archery, Ultimate Frisbee

Course Code: PSE 4U – University Level Course Exercise Science

Focus: Preparation for University Life Science,
Health Science, Kinesiology (Arts & Science) and General Science Programs
Units: Human Anatomy & Physiology, Sport Injuries, Sport Nutrition, Athletic Taping, Social Issues in Sport, Sport Psychology and Technology

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