Programming Club dives deep into programming in languages such as Python. We discuss algorithms, code efficiency, web design and compsci theories. We also work through various coding problems and participate in coding competitions, such as Waterloo's Canadian Computing Competition.


YM Cybersecurity club aims to educate members on cybersecurity. We discuss topics such as ethical hacking, threats to computer systems, and online safety precautions. By offering engaging lessons and insights into the dynamic field of cybersecurity and IT, we aim to prepare our members with a solid foundation of knowledge as they continue to explore and learn about the field.


  • Setting up, logging repairs, and keeping inventory of ALL classroom computers in the school
  • Creating a CS/STEM Newsletter every month. Newsletter will be filled with fun facts, helpful tips, and recent news.
  • Fundraising for Game Design Club, Engineering/Robotics Club, Programming Club to go to competitions and purchase equipment to run the clubs.
  • Planning CS/STEM events for the school