Department of Health and Physical Education


York Mills Sports Teams by the Season







Jr.& Sr. Girls Cross Country

Boys/Girls/Co-ed Curling *

Varsity Boys Baseball

Jr. & Sr. Boys Cross Country

Varsity Boys Ice Hockey

Varsity Girls Softball

Varsity Boys/Girls Golf *

Jr. & Sr. Boys Basketball

Varsity Girls Soccer

Varsity Girls Field Hockey

Jr. & Sr. Girls Swimming

Varsity Boys & Girls Waterpolo

Boys & Girls Tennis *

Jr. & Sr. Boys Swimming

Boys & Girls Tennis *

Jr. & Sr. Girls Basketball

Jr. & Sr.  Girls Volleyball

Varsity Co-ed Ultimate

Jr. & Sr. Boys Soccer

Boys/Girls Table Tennis

Jr./Sr. Co-ed Volleyball

Jr. & Sr. Boys Volleyball


Jr./Sr. Girls Rugby 15’s


Boys & Girls Badminton **

Jr./Sr. Boys Rugby 15’s



Jr. & Sr. Girls Track & Field



Jr. & Sr. Boys Track & Field


Athletes may only participate in 1 major and 1 minor sport per season.

* Denotes teams that are minor sports, all other teams are major.

** Badminton begins late in the Winter season and continues into the Spring season.



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