Welcome to the official Guidance Office! Students are most welcome to drop into the Guidance Office before and after school, at lunch or during spares. Please feel free to discuss school progress or problems, educational and career planning, personal or social issues. All interviews will be treated in a confidential manner.

Through consultation with a counselor  you also have access to community agencies and School Board resources such as Psychological Services and our Social Worker.

Your Guidance Office is a good source of educational and vocational information. Our collection of printed material on careers, universities and colleges is available to you on a loan basis.

To take advantage of our many services, make an appointment in the book in the Guidance Office. Students are assigned a counselor according to their surname.
We welcome students, staff and parents to our department. The Guidance Office telephone number is: 416-395-3340 ext. 20040


Attention Graduating Students:
a. This is a final reminder to those of you have yet to submit your community hours. The deadline has long passed and if they are not submitted, you are not eligible to graduate. Please submit them immediately to the Guidance office. You know who you are!
b. For those students who have applied to university through OUAC, mid-term marks have been downloaded. We remind you that it is your responsibility to review your marks and if you see an error or discrepancy, please print your academic information page and report it to Ms. Waterston in the Guidance office or see your Counselor immediately. If you do not inform us of an issue we cannot assist you in correcting it.
c. Commencement is fast approaching! If you would like to self-advocate for an award, please pick up a Self-Nomination Form in the Guidance office starting TOMORROW, follow the instructions carefully and submit the form back to the Guidance office by May 23rd.

2. Summer School Registration:
a. Attention all students interested in taking a summer school course:
i. For on-line full credit courses: registration began on April 1st and ends on June 2nd. These courses are on a first come, first serve basis. You must make a request on-line and see your Counselor for approval. Check out the white board in front of Guidance office for details and the website.
ii. For face-to-face summer courses: Registration begins on May 12th. This year we are going digital! Registration will no longer require a paper form—you must go on-line to register. Please make an appointment with your Guidance Counselor for details on how to apply.

As you may (or may not) have heard on the announcements, face-to-face summer school registration begins on MAY 12th. This year, we’ve gone digital!! NO MORE PAPER APPLICATIONS! Check for details.


• For students that are at-risk of earning their core credits—we need to meet with them andRESERVE A SPOT in face-to-face summer school. Students must activate an account and register on-line with a Counsellor.

• Face-to-face course offerings are now available at with school locations. York Mills will be open for summer school this year. Students must be eligible and must meet with their Counsellor to activate an account and register on-line.

• On-line courses are also available to students. Information can be found Registration opened April 1st and ends June 2nd. These spots are available on a first come; first serve basis. Students must make an on-line request and then get approval from their Counsellor in person. We recommend that students read the FAQ’s and do the on-line test to determine if an on-line course is appropriate for them.