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NOVEMBER 4, 2014

7:00 P.M. – TITAN HALL

Chair:                Naziha Mahmoud

Vice-Chair:      Grace Chen


Musical Interlude


7:00 p.m.         Report from SAC and YMAC


7:10 p.m.         Visual Arts Presentation                       Marilyn Bercovich
                                                                                            Arts Students


Principal’s Report                                           Clara Williams


Vice-Principal’s Reports                               Paul Joblin

                                                                            Mira Wong


Chair’s Report                                                 Naziha Mahmoud




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Naziha Mahmoud:    nmahmou@yuahoo.com

Grace Chen:              pplchen2003@yahoo.ca





York Mills Collegiate Institute


School Council Meeting


September 30, Titan Hall


7:00 p.m.





Co-Chairs:   Grace Chen                                          Teacher Rep: Michele Frensch


                   Naziha Mahmoud                                   Musical Interlude: Paris Yang



1.    Naziha Mahmoud thanked our student musician for a wonderful interlude.



2.    Student Presentations:  Some of the major clubs and councils at York Mills C.I. were presented by their club heads.  We heard from SAC, YMAC, Word (Newspaper), Music Council, Security club, Multicultural Assembly Club, Alzheimer’s Club, Tech and Stage Crews, Eco Council, and many more.  Students expressed the importance of being involved in the many clubs that YMCI offers.  They also explained the process for applying and interviewing for clubs.  Students informed parents that clubs were holding a Club Fest on Monday, October 6th, where students will have opportunities to sign up for many clubs.



 3.    Application Process for College & University:  Ms. Zappone took us through the online application process.  She explained the various steps for the online process and stressed that it’s never too early for students to begin mapping out their high school course selections.  Ms. Zappone informed parents that all grade 12 students received a more detailed presentation.  Students will be informed when they receive their PINs, and they’re not to share them with anyone.



4.    Principal’s Report:  Clara Williams reported on several items.



a.    Ms. Williams introduced Ms. French as the staff rep for our council meetings.


b.    VPs Ms. Mira Wong and Mr. Paul Joblin were introduced.


c.    School start-up went quite smoothly.  However, numerous timetable changes made for many difficult moves.  Ms. Williams stressed the importance of choosing courses wisely in the new year so that changes will not be necessary, and sometimes impossible.


d.    Counsellors registered 100 new students in September.


e.    All staffing is in place, but some changes will occur in semester 2.


f.     Clubs, fall athletics have all begun, with several new clubs created by students.  Club process:  students have to write a proposal for the staff advisor, then they must secure a staff advisor to assist them with meetings and functions.  Application then is made to the SAC and approved.


g.    The school budget for the year can be found on the TDSB website.  No surprises.  Have brought some budget forward for the past two years in order to replace 57 year old furniture in the staff lounge and main office areas.


h.    A new PA system was installed over the summer and into September.  The school has been working through the glitches, but all should be in place by mid October.


i.     The school is a pilot school for the STEM initiative – inquiry-based learning with emphasis on physics, biology, chemistry, math, tech, graphic arts, computer engineering, etc.


j.     The semi-formal is planned for November 13


k.    York Mills C.I. is partnered with the Nazarbuyev Intellectual Institutes in Kazakhstan.  Delegates will be at York Mills C.I. to shadow teachers in Math, Chemistry, Biology and Physics.  They will also be investigating how we teach ESL to newcomers. 


l.     Ms. Williams answered questions related to the news reports of last Friday evening.  She reassured parents that YMCI is an extremely safe school and that the incident was an isolated one between two friends.




5.    VP Reports: 


a.    Mira Wong reported on the number of sports teams we have and the eligibility rules that are in place.  Basically, a student cannot be participating in more than one major sport per season.  This rule makes it possible for more students to participate in our major sports.


b.    Our after-school numeracy program is up and running two nights per week—Monday & Thursday.  Parents of struggling students have been informed that the program is there for them and that they would be assigned a tutor for the remainder of the semester.  Ms. Wong also invited students who have math next semester to come by to start working on their gr. 10 math.  As well, gr. 11 students are welcomed.


c.    S-Trips organization:  Ms. Wong cautioned parents that any correspondence or online S-Trips forms for their children going to trips over the holidays have not been sanctioned by York Mills C.I. or the TDSB.  S-Trips have also used the school name in some instances, leading parents to believe that YM teachers will be chaperoning the function.  Once again, please be advised that any after-party following the semi-formal, trips to the Laurentians, and trips to the Dominican Republic are not York Mills School Trips.


d.    Paul Joblin informed parents that the Interim Report Cards are a letter grade only, no comments, and simply a snapshot of how a student is performing.  The reports will be distributed to students on October 17th.


e.    Parent/Teacher Interviews will take place on October 23 – 2:00 – 4:00 p.m. then again at 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.  Information will be going out with the Interim Report Cards.


f.     The Mid-Semester report card with grades and comments will be distributed on November 13th.


g.    Mr. Joblin addressed the EQAO Literacy scores:  97% success for first-time writers, and 80% success for previously eligible students.  These scores are extremely good, given the number of previously eligible students who wrote.  Please see all categories of scores on the TDSB website.




6.    Co-Chair Report:  Naziha expressed the importance of parents becoming involved with the school council and asked parents to join the executive for the next few years.  She invited Ayse Ozguven, the council treasure to present the council’s budget.




7.    Treasurer’s Report:  Ayse presented last year’s budget and included the funds raised at the beginning of the year.  Funds for the year are then spent on school needs.   A “wish list” is presented to the council, who will then decide on which of the needs they will invest in.  Balance for the 2014/15 year :  $5,800.00


 8.    New Business:   Next Executive Council Meeting:  October 27, 6:30 p.m., Conference Room


                           Next School Council Meeting:       November 4, 7:00 p.m., Titan Hall



9.    Meeting Adjournment




To contact us:

Naziha Mamoud:  nmahmou@yahoo.com

Grace Chen:          pplchen2003@yahoo.ca



York Mills Collegiate Institute

School Council Meeting

September 30, Titan Hall

7:00 p.m.



Co-Chairs:   Naziha Mahmoud
                       Grace Chen                                         Teacher Rep:  Michele Frensch

                                                                                 Musical Interlude: Paris Yang, Gr. 11


1.    Student Presentation:                                       Councils and Clubs


2.    Application Process for College & University       Tina Zappone


3.    Principal’s Report                                              Clara Williams


4.    VP Reports                                                          Mira Wong & Paul Joblin 

5.    Co-Chair Report                                                 Naziha Mahmoud

                                                                                 Grace Chen

 6.    Treasure’s Report                                            Ayse Ozguven                         

7.    New Business

 8.    Meeting Adjournment


To contact us:


Naziha Mamoud:  nmahmou@yahoo.com

Grace Chen:          pplchen2003@yahoo.ca




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