Code of Conduct


Under current provincial legislation, the parents of children found vandalizing the school and/or school property can be made responsible for the recovery of costs. This can be as simple as paying for the replacement of lost or damaged textbooks, library books, or other materials. It also includes paying for the replacement of windows, repainting of washrooms or hallways, repeated cleaning of the site due to graffiti, repair of breakage, etc.

We hope that everyone will respect the building and property and realize that these abuses make it more difficult for those of us who wish to grow, learn and work in an environment of mutual respect, understanding and tolerance.

Please report any vandalism to the school office or to the police after school hours at 416-808-2222 and leave your message with the radio room and it will be on record.

Playground Safety

It is the responsibility of all students to stay on the school property at all times. The Brock and Margueretta sidewalks are out of bounds.  The only playground apparatus is at the South end of the school. It is only for primary students.

School Drop off and Traffic

There is a designated 10 minute drop off zone on Margueretta Street. Otherwise, there is no parking and cars are frequently ticketed. Please observe the speed limit.

Fire Drills/Lockdowns

Fire Drills and Lockdown Practices are now a regular, mandated part of school life. Staff and students practice the routines of closing doors and windows, identifying stairs and exits to use and knowing where to assemble for attendance check.


Behaviour which interferes with the safety of students and staff, or which disrupts or destroys the learning situation, or which is illegal, or which is contrary to TDSB policy requires a response from the school. The school response is shaped by TDSB policy, the severity of the incident and the frequency of the offence. The school’s response will range from a warning, counselling or detention to formal suspension.

Parent Safety Protocol

Your child’s safety is our number one priority and we have developed an effective protocol to ensure this.
Brock is a very large facility with many school employees, visiting TDSB staff, volunteers and parents. Because it is impossible for our employees to know everyone, we must all abide by the same rules. By cooperating, we can have a safe and harmonious place of learning.

Please note the following important rules:

  • All adults, including parents, enter the school by the front doors. The side doors are for students only.
  • All visitors must report to the office and sign in.
  • All adults must wear visitor tags or TDSB identification.
  • Parents who wish to see a teacher or sign out their child, must inform office staff who will then call the classroom. Do not go up to the classroom. Your child will be escorted down.
  • For fire reasons strollers must be left at the Brock Early Learning Centre.