September 2020 Announcement

Welcome back Brock families! 
Well, this is definitely not what I expected our return to school to look like. It is with a heavy heart that I announce I will not be teaching health and physical education this year. I will be teaching grade 5/6 on the third floor. I cannot tell you how much I will miss teaching everyone in the whole school.  I love watching you all learn to run, jump and play.  I love watching you work together, help each other and use teamwork!  But I know you have awesome skills and  great physical literacy and I know you will continue to play and be active everyday.
I'm also sad to announce that all TDESAA athletics are cancelled until further notice. I know this is very disappointing for many of you, but we can't safely run sports or teams at this point.  You remember what the cross country start line was like right?!  
I don't know what the physical education program will look like this year, but I do know that your new PE teacher will be very lucky to have such energetic, talented, smart, strong students.  
When I see you on the playground so me how fast and strong you are!  I will be watching!!
Actively yours,
Ms. Samuel 
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Athletics Website

Ms. Samuel has her very own Brock HPE and Athletics website that has all the information you could possibly need for everything sports team or phys. ed. related. There are calendars with practice times, schedules, reminders, permission forms, and more. Be sure to bookmark the link to stay up to date!

Come Prepared!

Participation is a huge component of the phys.ed/health program. Please review how to Dress for Success when coming to the gym so that you can participate safely and have fun!