Staff List 2019-2020 (subject to change)

Position Name Location
Principal Y. Buhariwalla Office
Office Administrator L. Grindlay Office
Secretary PM A. Baptista  Office
FDK A A. Rivers and J. Ali (ECE) Room 1 (1st floor) 
FDK B C. Christian and A. Tsarouchas (ECE) Room 6 (1st floor)
FDK C K. Mehta Room 5 (1st floor)
Grade 1 C. Bettencourt (@c4costa) Room 16 (2nd floor)
Grade 1/2 A N. Moreiro Room 15 (2nd floor)
Grade 1/2 B A. Crifo Room 8 (2nd floor) 
Grade 2/3 F. da Silva Room 9 (2nd floor)
Grade 3 J. Hong Room 12 (2nd floor)
Grade 4 B. Kortje Room 20 (3nd floor)
Grade 5 S. Dziadura Room 18 (3rd floor)
Grade 6 I. Givelos (@GivelosRoom10) Room 10 (2nd floor)
Grade 7 D. Vaillancourt Room 17 (3rd floor)
Grade 7/8 J. Dantowitz Room 21 (3rd floor)
Grade 8 S. Fischer Room 22 (3rd floor)
Junior HSP AM J. Higgins Room 20/18 (3rd floor)
Int. HSP/Resource J. Greenwood (@MsJGreenwood) Room 21/23 (3rd floor)
Phys. Ed./Health V. Samuel (@BrockMsSamuel) Gym (Basement)
Library/ESL/Prep K. Kondo (@MsKondo_TL) Library (1st floor)
Music/French P. Yannopoulos Room 14 (2nd floor)
Room 19 (3rd floor)
Primary Prep PM J. Higgins Room 14 (2nd floor)

Support Staff

Position Name Location
Special Needs Assistant J. Borrelli  
Child and Youth Worker A. Stewart  
Educational Assistant TBD  
Lunchroom Supervisors J. Todd Big Lunchroom
  T. Huynh Big Lunchroom
  R. Brennan Small Lunchroom 
  M. Aiello, V. Perrin FDK
Morning Meal/Snack V. Perrin  

Caretaking Staff

Position Name Location
Head Caretaker N. Forbes  
Caretakers S. Chartres