Summer School 2018 Update

We know many families have been wondering if Brock will be hosting summer school once again this year. We have very much enjoyed learning with our students, as well as other students in the community, these past several years. However, there will not be summer school at Brock this July.

Thank you very much for your support and enthusiasm of this wonderful program! We encourage you to check out the other TDSB Summer School Programs being offered as they are amazing opportunities to increase engagement, self confidence, and skills over the summer break. 

Summer School 2017

THANK YOU to everyone who attended our Inquiry-Based Learning Environmental Summer Program! We had a wonderful time learning and having fun with everybody and we hope you did too.

Please have a look at our special July newsletter to see what each of the classes were up to these past couple of weeks.

We wish all our students and families a safe and amazing summer break! All the best to you in September! 

Summer School!

As our final day of summer school comes to a close, we hope that all those who attended had a wonderful time this July. It was great to see the fun activities the classes were participating in, from cooking lots of healthy and delicious recipes, papier mache art, robotics, STEM, many field trips, author visits, and more!

We have complied all the learning and fun into a summer newsletter. There are so many fantastic photos, it's too big to fit in one file! Please see the newsletter below in three parts:

Summer School 2016 Newsletter Part One

Summer School 2016 Newsletter Part Two

Summer School 2016 Newsletter Part Three

Enjoy the rest of your summer! See you on September 6!

Inquiry-Based Learning Environmental Summer School 2016

Confirmation Letters have now been sent to students' home schools or emailed to parents whose children are not registered in the TDSB. Your school should receive these letters by the last week of school.

Please Note: Registration is now closed. If you still have a registration form with you, please contact the school directly. Thank you.

Brock is once again hosting a summer school this July! Students in grades 1 to 8 are invited to come learn about the environment through a variety of literacy based activities. This year, we are incorporating inquiry-based learning into our program. Students will have the opportunity to practise some self-directed learning about a community issue/problem that is important to them. Our Summer School Flyer has more detailed information.

The dates and times have changed. Summer School will now be from July 5 to 22, from 8:30am-12:30pm.

Registrations can be given to your child's teacher or dropped off in the Brock office. Please ensure your child's principal has signed off on the bottom and your child's February 2016 report card is attached. Registrations are due April 29.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to seeing you this July!

Thanks for a Great Summer!

We had another great year in summer school! Staff and students had a lot of fun learning about the environment through many literacy and STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) activities. It was amazing to hear and see all the new learning and new friendships that blossomed this past July.

Many thanks to all teachers for making the summer program a success once again. Classes enjoyed making solar ovens, creating treasure maps, planting seeds and painting pots, building solutions with Lego, visiting Kortright Centre, going on nature walks, writing plays, creating board games, learning from FoodShare, and many other fun projects. Our school was even featured on CTV news. They came to learn about our rooftop garden, make smoothies with FoodShare, and see the grade 7/8 robots in action. Here is a link to the segment: Brock on CTV

We hope all families enjoyed their time here in July. Our Brock Summer Newsletter includes some highlights of the summer. Some picture had to be removed from the original as the file was too big.

Have a wonderful 2015/2016 school year!

STEM and Environmental Summer Program 2015

***Confirmation letters have now been mailed to all students' day schools. Thank you for your interest in our program. See you this summer! Please note, students who have not yet started JK will not be able to attend.***

Brock is hosting another fun, hands-on summer program! 

From June 30th to July 24th, we will be offering a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and Environmental Literacy Program for students in SK to grade 8. This is a truly rewarding and enriching experience for students involved. They will experience:

  • Hands-on workshops in the Brock Rooftop Garden
  • Hands-on workshops with FoodShare
  • Use of technology
  • Visual Arts activities
  • Field trips
  • Gardening, cooking, and tasting
  • Working with other students from neighbouring schools

We look forward to learning with you this summer!

kite flyinglego robotics

Summer School 2014!

We are so excited to be offering our Environmental Summer Program at Brock once again. Students will build on their literacy and technology skills to learn about the environment. They will also be participating in lots of fun activities including field trips, FoodShare workshops, gardening, art, and much more!

The program will run for students in kindergarten to grade 8 from Wednesday July 2- Friday July 25. The program runs half a day, from 9am-12pm.

Please see our Summer School Flyer  for more information. If you are interested in registering your child(ren), please click the link for our Registration Form. All forms are due to the office by May 9, 2014. If your child is not a student at Brock, please note that the bottom portion needs to be completed by the principal of the school and a copy of the February 2014 report card needs to be attached as well.

Please contact us at 416-393-9245 if you have any questions.

Looking forward to seeing you in July!

An Amazing First Year of Summer School!

July was an extremely busy and exciting time for us at Brock as we launched our first  Environmental Literacy Summer School program. Students and staff had a fantastic time learning about the environment and the impact (positive and negative) we have on it. In addition to working in our rooftop garden and other fun hands-on activities, all classes had the opportunity to visit FoodShare and the Humber Arboretum to learn about sustainability and the environment. We also visited many places in our local community, such as No Frills, Dufferin Grove Park, St. Lawrence Market, and Kensington Market.

Many thanks to all staff, teachers, students, and families who contributed to the success of the summer program. We heard so much positive feedback from all participants.

Please see below for some special highlights of the program:

summer school photo summer school pic 2 summer school pic 3

Brock on Metro Morning (CBC Radio)

Mr. Tran and one of the grade 8 students, Elena Andreev, were invited to Metro Morning to talk about our program. They both did a great job. Click here to listen to their informative interview.

Class Blogs

Ms. Kondo's grade 5/6  class and Mr. Malolos' grade 8 class both had blogs this summer. This was a great way to not only document learning, but to teach our friends and family about important environmental issues. See below for links to both blogs.

Grade 5/6 Blog: Our blog is about why Local Food Rocks! Once you click the link, login in the top right hand corner with the Guest account. The password is guest. We worked very hard on this blog. Enjoy!

Grade 8 Blog: Click here for many posts about sustainability, urban gardening, and socially conscious food consumption. No password is needed.

Summer School Newsletter

A HUGE thank you to Ms. da Silva for all her hard work in creating our Summer School Newsletter! Each class has a page that highlights their summer school experiences. Unfortunately, the newsletter is so good that it is too big to upload. We are currently working to fix the issue. Please check back in a little while. Thanks!

Visitors from York University

We had some educators from Korea visit us in July. They were taking a course at York University. After the visit, Maggie Weller, an instructor with the International Education Department, sent us these very kind words about the visit:

Where can I even begin to thank you, on behalf of the teachers from South Korea, enough, for all your warmth, openness, organization with student ambassadors and Alan, your most kind staff, your garden-par-excellence, and your-beyond-amazing students!!!! iI just goes on and on and on at Brock Public School! What a dynamic school!

You truly blew us out of the water! Our expectations were simply to observe a class or two in action... Instead, you sat us all on a magic carpet and took us into the ultimate of learning for children!

I will re-send the letter for your honourarium. Please apply it to care of your garden of splendour, and that would make us so happy!

Cheering you all,