2019-2020 Yearbook Sale

The 2019-2020 Brock Public School Yearbook will be available for pre-order as of Thursday, October 22nd. The last day to order is Tuesday November 10. Each yearbook is $25.00 and can be purchased through the School Cash website. If you have yet to create a School Cash account, please see the attached information which details the process. More information about the yearbook can be found in the yearbook flyer.

School Cash Online Instructions for families 1 .pdf

School Cash Parent Letter 1 .doc


Terry Fox 2020

Brock PS will be participating in this year’s 40th Anniversary of Terry Fox’s Marathon of Hope on October 8th. You may show your support by visiting our school’s online fundraising page Terry Fox School Run Brock Public School Page.
Please note that due to our current restrictions we will not be able to accept donations brought to school. Donations will be online only. 
We will be participating in various activities within our classes to learn more about Terry Fox.  In honour of the 40th anniversary, we will be participating in some fun activities on our school field while honouring social distancing. 
Thank you for supporting our school in the fight against cancer and keeping Terry’s dream alive!

Brrr...The Cold Weather is Here!

Fresh air and exercise are important for children. It keeps them physically fit, and helps them stay alert all through the school day. Parents can help by making sure their children come to school prepared to spend time outdoors. Hats, mitts, boots and a warm jacket are important to keep students comfortable during lunch and recess. Students are reminded that they are to wear everything that they were sent to school with whenever they go outdoors.

The TDSB Severe Weather Protocol is flexible, so that every principal can make a decision that meets the needs of his or her school. It sets guidelines for when to allow students outside for recess, when to make outdoor breaks shorter, and when to keep students inside altogether. 

Elementary school students are kept indoors for recess and lunch times for a number of weather conditions such as rain, lightning in the area, extreme winds and extreme cold. When temperature and wind chill measure -28C or lower, students are kept indoors. Recesses and lunch hour may be shortened if the temperature and wind chill reading is between -20C and -28C.

Thank you for your cooperation to keep our students safe and warm during the winter months!

Immunization Records

As the new school year begins, it is important for Toronto Public Health and schools to have updated immunization information for your child. Please see the photo for what to do if you receive a letter from Public Health.