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We believe that learners can thrive in digital classrooms that are engaging, learning-focused and inclusive. The TDSB is a leader in the development and delivery of innovative digital learning experiences. We offer a wide variety of online learning opportunities for  students to participate in continuous learning, communication and collaboration.

e-Learning provides students with learning experiences that are:

  • flexible: students can learn anytime, anywhere
  • relevant: students prepare for their future in an increasingly digital world
  • engaging: students enjoy rich, interactive online content

The TDSB e-Learning offers three distinct programs aimed at serving the needs of high school students and those over the age of 18 years. 

e-Learning Day School

e-Learning courses have been developed by the Ministry of Education and are delivered by the regular TDSB day school teachers. 

If you are an under 18 year old current TDSB high school student interested in taking an online course as part of your timetable, the e-Learning Day School program is for you.

Secondary students across the TDSB may take ONE online course on their day school timetable per semester. Students will remain on the roll at their day school and require their guidance counsellor's approval to take an e-Learning Day School course.

Important Requirements

All enrolled students must attend an after school  online orientation session to meet their e-Learning teacher at the beginning of each semester (September and February).

In addition, if the e-Learning course has a final examination students must attend a supervised exam at a central location at the end of each semester (January and June).

Please visit the e-Learning Day School page for more information.

e-Credit (18+)

The e-Credit Adult program is for adult learners age 18 and over who are no longer attending a day school and want to earn credits online. This program offers two semesters from September to June.  

Our eligibility criteria require that students enrolled in the e-Credit Course Program must not be attending another TDSB or non TDSB day school simultaneously. If you are enrolled in a full-time day school program you will be removed from your e-Credit Course.

Please visit the e-Credit (18+) page for more information.

e-Summer School

TDSB e-Summer School is a FREE high school credit program for secondary school students who wish to pursue secondary school courses online! TDSB e-Summer School offers dozens of online courses available in July and July/August sessions.  We look forward to having you during the summer sessions of 2019. Thank you for your interest in the TDSB e-Summer School.

Please visit the e-Summer School page for more information.

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