Dropping a Course

Need to drop your e-Learning Day School course?

Only your Guidance Counsellor at your school can remove you from your e-Learning Day School course. Simply telling your teacher that you want to drop does not remove the course from your transcript.

The Full Disclosure date (also known as Marks Maintain After Date) for each semester is very important to keep in mind. It is the last day to drop a course without the mark appearing on your permanent transcript. Here are the Full Disclosure dates for e-Learning Day School 2020-2021:

Quadmester 1   November 2, 2020

Quadmester 2  January 18, 2021

Quadmester 3  To be determined

Quadmester 4  To be determined


If you withdraw from a course after the Full Disclosure date the mark for that dropped course will appear on your transcript. 

Discuss your learning options with your parents or guardian and guidance counsellor.
Contact us at the e-Learning Central Office if you need clarification. We're here to help.