August Session 2020


 Registration for the August Session will close on July 8, 2020 at 4:30 pm! 

The TDSB reserves the right to close registration prior to July 8th when a class or classes reach capacity.

 Last day to register for the August session   July 8, 2020 at 4:30 pm 
 Supporting Documentation (transcript/report card 
 or Credit counselling summary) for NON-TDSB
 students MUST be submitted by 
  July 13, 2020 at 12:30 pm
 Welcome message to students (You will receive information via 
 the e-mail you registered in e-Reg about your teacher, Course 
 orientation times,  and the first day of classes)

 July 23, 2020 by 4:30 pm
 Students enrolled to the Intro module (this is NOT your class!)
 It is a sample module to show you how the online course will 
 look like.
 July 27, 2020 by 4:30 pm
 Orientation (Fully Online) More info here!  July 29  OR  July 30, 2019
 First day of Session  August 4, 2020
 Mid-Term marks  August 17, 2020
 If you require Proctoring: Forms are due on  August 19, 2020
 Visit the Exam page to find more info about proctoring exams  
 Full Disclosure Date  August 21, 2020
 Final Exam (Last day of class attendance)  August 26, 2020

**Please note exam plans may be altered due to COVID-19

Updates will be posted on this website, when available**

 Last Day of session (report cards finalized)  August 28, 2019

OUAC/ OCAS transmission of ALL TDSB student marks

(NON-TDSB students: see information in the student handbook)

 August 28, 2020

If you are in a graduating position, and plan to attend a post-secondary institution in September 2020, we strongly recommend taking an e-Summer course in the July session as your post-secondary institution may not accept your final mark by the August 28-30 submission date. If you have questions about final dates a post-secondary institution will accept summer school marks please contact your future post-secondary institution's admissions office. The e-Summer office cannot guarantee final marks will be available for submission to OCAS/OUAC or directly to students before August 30, 2020.