Community Garden


As a means of teaching students the ills of non-organic foods, GMO's, synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, erosion and poor soil quality, our very own environment club, named Green Team, has decided to teach students how to bypass the increasing food shortages and their higher prices by empowering themselves by growing their own organic food. 
Using ancient agricultural techniques from around the globe, the team has built a community garden using natural resources and waste products such as cardboard, newspaper, leaf litter, and our very own compost.  Organic seeds have been collected to grow cucumbers, corn, squash, beans, tomatoes and many perennial vegetables.  Many of its flowers and herbs are used to make organic cosmetics such as lip balm, body butter, bath salts and teas.  

The garden also gives homage to the farmers who once lived on our land and the the native communities who recognized and used this land knowing it was the most fertile soil in all of Canada.  Community members are welcome to join in both working in the garden and harvesting the food.