Program Description

The A+ STEM program is designed for students interested in careers involving science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Students accepted into this program will have access to specialized courses with an enriched curriculum from grade nine through to grade twelve . They will also have opportunities to visit various workplaces, professional organizations, and post-secondary institutions.

Henry has also fostered unique relationships with the Fields Institute at U of T and the Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario (APEO). These organzations provide fun workshops and activity days designed to give students first hand experience of engineering and math ideas at work.

Space in the first year of this new and exciting program is limited to 30 grade nine and 30 grade ten students, so students will need to complete an application form. The application form is available on this website, and from the Student Services Office. Copies will also be provided to Middle Schools in our attendance area. The launch date for this program is September 2020.


GRADE 9 Grade 10
Enriched English (ENG1DV) Enriched English (ENG2DV)
Enriched Mathematics (MPM1DV) Enriched Mathematics (MPM2DV)
Enriched Science (SNC1DV) Enriched Science (SNC2DV)
Enriched Exploring Technologies (TIJ1OV) Enriched Computer Technology (TEJ2OV)
A+STEM Geography (CGC1DV) History (CHC2D1)
French (FSF1D1 or FSF1O1) Civics and Careers (CIVCAR)
Physical Education (PPL1OF or PPL1OM) Elective
Art Course Elective

***The timetables of ESL students in the A+STEM program will differ slightly from what is listed above to accommodate their ESL courses

Grade 11 Grade 12
Under Review                                               Students transition to regular program