Welcome to the George S Henry Academy English department! Here in English we facilitate your development in reading, writing, oral communication and media studies, both analysis and creation These are skill-sets that can be used in any other subject area. English here prepares students for university, college, and the workplace by developing skill sets that are useful in every discipline and every students' future.

We offer courses as the E (essentials), P (applied), and D (academic) streamed courses, accommodating all students with special education identification in mixed classes.

Download the GSHA app today, and keep up with class announcements, homework, and words of encouragement. The English department's teachers are here to assist students learn for a lifetime.

The English department is part of the communications umbrella. Please see our ESL and Modern Languages page as well.



Department ACL:

 Nadia Itwaru: nadia.itwaru@tdsb.on.ca

Department members:

Katrina Georgas: katrina.georgas@tdsb.on.ca

Olivia Lake: olivia.lake@tdsb.on.ca

Nikita Laxman: nikita.laxman@tdsb.on.ca

Lisa Sorensen: lisa.sorensen@tdsb.on.ca