Henry's History


On December 6, 1965, George S. Henry Secondary School was officially opened!  The school is named after George Stewart Henry (1871-1958).  George S. henry was elected as a member of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario in 1913.  He served for many years and held many positions, such as, the Minister of Agriculture, the Minister of Highways, and the Premier of Ontario.


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For the 1997-1998 school year, through consultation with staff, students, parents, and the community, it was decided that George S. Henry Secondary School needed to do something to give students a more unique High School experience.   That is when George S. Henry Academy was born.  This new Academy took many pioneering steps.   We brought in a school uniform, we changed our school motto from "Sulca Cum Cura" (plough a furrow with care)  to "Studere est Excellere" (To strive is to excel), and we required all students to complete volunteer hours as part of their diploma requirements (before the Ministry made this mandatory for all Ontario schools) through the creation of our Henry Awards Program.

Current School Logo

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