Hillside Nature Camp has encouraged me to discover the world around me and appreciate the environment. I always looked forward to playing predator and prey in the forest and catching crawfish in the Rouge River. These activities were not only fun, but also taught me the importance of teamwork. Hillside Nature Camp has been a memorable experience and I am grateful for the opportunity.             - Maegan, Queen's Nursing student, former camper and volunteer

person hammering rocks



Hillside Nature Camp is fantastic! It is staffed by caring adults, who are experts in their field. I have watched my two children gain self-confidence and independence from year to year. They have gained an appreciation for the environment and have learned the importance of taking care of our planet.                    - Brian, TDSB teacher and parent of camp participants


group of people painting outdoors

 My time at Hillside was always a highlight of my summer. I always enjoyed learning about my local ecosystem by visiting the Rouge River and developing teamwork skills by doing low ropes activities. It’s so important for kids to explore the great outdoors, and Hillside provides excellent programming to accomplish this.         - Michael, Queen's engineering student, former camper and volunteer


group looking down the stream    


group exploring the woods