Packing a Waste-Free Lunch

If you will be eating at Hillside during lunch time you have the following two options:

Waste Free Lunch:

We ask students to bring waste free lunches when they visit. Teachers may want to do a waste free lunch ’rehearsal’ in the days leading up to their visit. This practice can then continue back at school. You may wish to download Waste Free Lunch Fact Sheet for some ideas to help students reduce the amount of garbage in their lunches.  Students should remember to bring a refillable bottle for drinking water, and to bring all of their snacks, lunch and drinking bottle in their backpack for easy transportation.

Cookout Lunches:

Notify us at least one week in advance of your visit if you plan to have a cookout lunch. We will provide a fire and the sticks to cook either hotdogs or marshmallows, or both. The classroom teacher is responsible for organizing the food, condiments and drinks for the students and for managing the cookout at Hillside. It is advisable to bring at least one additional adult to help with the supervision around the fire pit.

Cookout Tips

Buy in bulk: it saves on packaging and ensures that all students have something to eat.
Be as litterless as possible, avoid paper napkins, styrofoam cups and plates. Bring some cloth towels or some paper towels for emergencies.
Be aware of dietary requirements. For example, marshmallows are made with gelatin that comes from animals, many children cannot eat regular marshmallow due to this. Divide up the tasks: one person to supervise food, one to supervise the fire and one to manage the condiments and buns.

Whichever option you choose, enjoy your meal!