Permission Form for The Legend of Mapping

511 C Permission Form for The Legend of Mapping
Permission Form The Legend of Structures

Map Mission

Using simple maps, students will navigate themselves around Hillside and/or the Valley.  Along the way, students will be able to investigate the area, what they see and hear, taking advantage of the area and/or season. We hope they are up to this mission.

Students looking at Hillside Nature Sign

Overall Expectation:

Social Studies:


  • B 3  Describe significant aspects of their community, with reference to different areas, services, and natural and built features, demonstrating an understanding of some basic ways of describing location and measuring distance.


Specific Expectations:

Social Studies:


  • B 3.4 demonstrate an understanding of the basic elements of a map (e.g., title, symbols in the legend, direction, scale, and colour) when reading and constructing simple maps showing places that are significant to them (e.g., their classroom, the school, their immediate neighbourhood)