Savouring the Seasons

Savouring the Seasons

Location: Hillside Outdoor Education School

Investigating the seasons of the Rouge Valley is the focus of this lesson. We may look for autumn colours, animal footprints, spring flowers, or melting icicles, any of the natural occurrences that the students are likely to spot. Hands-on experiences, inquiry-based activities all related to the current season will allow students to be actively engaged in their own learning, comparing these changes to those humans experience. Ensuring that all students enjoy the "spice" of the outdoors, the season and the Rouge Valley will be the focus of the day.

Itinerary: Students will learn about the current season, investigating changes that are happening in the environment and relate this back to our own experiences. This trip may include visits to offsite locations.

Student playing in the snow

Overall Expectations:

  • 2  Investigate daily and seasonal changes 
  • 3  Demonstrate an understanding of what daily and seasonal changes are and of how these changes affect living things

Specific Expectations:

  • 2.4 use scientific inquiry/research skills, including generating questions and knowledge acquired from previous investigations, to identify daily and/or seasonal changes and their effects 
  • 3.5 describe changes in the appearance of behaviour of living things that are adaptations to season changes