Globe Trotters

Globe Trotters

Location: Hillside Outdoor Education School 

This energetic program will have students using maps to locate items hidden around Hillside and surrounding area.  They will use the cardinal directions and parts of a map, such as legend and symbols, to discover their location, while finding the missing items.   During this program students will work in small teams travelling through the natural environment in order to complete their mission. 

Creating Map Puzzle

Itinerary: After learning about map features (including legend, symbols and cardinal points), students will use maps to locate items around Hillside. This trip may also include visits to an off-site location.



  • Describe and represent the relative locations of objects, and represent objects on a map
  • Describe the relative locations (e.g., beside, two steps to the right of) and the movements of objects on a map (e.g., "The path shows that he walked around the desk, down the aisle, and over the window.")
  • Draw simple (create) maps of familiar settings, and describe the relative locations of objects on the maps (Sample problem: Draw a map of classroom, showing the locations of the different pieces of furniture.)

Social Studies

  • B 3 identify and locate various physical features and selected communities and the world
  • B3.3 identify cardinal directions on a map (i.e., N,S,E,W) and use these directions when locating selected communities, countries and / or continents.