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511C Permission Form for Land Use Planners
Permission Form for 511C

Land Use Planners

This program encourages students to observe land use in both natural and developed areas. Students will have an opportunity to do some fieldwork and collect data while comparing some aspects of land use in their community with a different community by to travelling to the rural Hamlet of Whitevale.

Overall Expectations:

Social Studies:
  • B 3 Understanding Context: describe major landform regions and types of land use in Ontario and some of the ways in which land use in various Ontario municipalities addresses human needs and wants, including the need for jobs. 

Specific Expectations:

Social Studies:
  • B 3.5 describe major types of land use (e.g., for agriculture, industry, commerce, housing, recreation, transportation, conservation) and how they address human needs and wants (e.g., agricultural lands provide us with a variety of foods for local consumption and export; land use for recreation enables people to enjoy the outdoors and to participate in or watch sports and other activities; residential areas have different types of buildings to meet people’s housing needs; conservation lands protect ecosystems and habitat for organisms so that biodiversity is preserved for future generations; untouched wetlands help ensure clean water and a healthy habitat). 
  • B 3.6 compare some aspects of land use in two or more municipalities (e.g., the number and size of roads; the size and location of commercial areas; residential and commercial/industrial areas; the size and number of parks and other recreational spaces; space for waste disposal; the amount of agricultural land in the area; the amount of space).
Students creating legend for a map