Plant Partners

Plant Partners

Animals and plants are dependent upon each other for survival. This program will include active exploration in the Rouge National Park involving several hands-on and sensory activities exploring plants. Students will be given the opportunity to observe and investigate connections between plants and animals. Depending on the season, students may have the chance to create a positive impact on plant life by participating in an environmental restoration project.

Itinerary: Students will investigate how plants impact society, depending on the season, students may participate in a planting or a restoration project.  This program may include visits to offsite locations.

Overall Expectations:

Science and Technology: 
  • 1. Assess ways in which plants have an impact on society and the environment, and ways in which human activity has an impact on plants and plant habitats 
Raised Garden Bed

Specific Expectations:

Science and Technology: 
  • 1.1 Assess ways in which plants are important to humans and other living things, [taking different points of view into consideration (e.g., the point of view of home builders, gardeners, nursery owners, vegetarians),] and suggest ways in which humans can protect plants 
  • 1.2 Assess the impact of different human activities on plants, and list personal actions they can engage in to minimize harmful effects and enhance good effects 
  • 3.1 Describe the basic needs of plants, including air, water, light, warmth, and space 
  • 3.6 Describe ways in which plants and animals depend on each other (e.g., plants provide food for energy; animals help disperse pollen and seeds, and provide manure that fertilizes the soil in which plants grow; plants need the carbon dioxide that animals breathe out, and animals need the oxygen that plants release into the air).