Every Rock Tells a Story

Every Rock Tells Us a Story

Seasonal: Available September, October, May and June

Come to Hillside to discover earth’s geological history in rocks. A trip to a beach begins our adventure back in time. Examining the sedimentary rocks found there can uncover fossils that expose secrets from over 500 million years ago. Our "geologists" will continue with their field study, examining various types of rocks, learning more about their physical properties and formation.    

tree growing through rock

Overall Expectations:

Science and Technology:  

  • 2  investigate, test, and compare the physical properties of rocks and minerals; 
  • 3  demonstrate an understanding of the physical properties of rocks and minerals.

Specific Expectations:

Science and Technology:  

  • 2.3  use a variety of criteria (e.g. colour, texture, lustre) to classify common rocks and minerals according to their characteristics
  • 3.3  describe how igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks are formed (e.g. Igneous rocks form when hot, liquid rock from deep below the earth’s surface rises towards the surface, cools and solidifies, for instance, after a volcanic eruption.  Sedimentary rocks form when small pieces of the earth that have been worn away by wind and water accumulate at the bottom of rivers, lakes, and oceans and are eventually compacted and consolidated into rock; they can also be formed when sea water evaporates and the dissolved minerals are deposited on the seafloor.  Metamorphic rocks form when pre-existing rocks are changed by heat and pressure.)   
Inspecting Rocks