Mapping Physical Regions

Permission Form Mapping Physical Regions

511C Permission Form for Mapping Physical Regions
Permission Form for Mapping Physical Regions

Mapping Physical Regions

Using parts of a map, such as legend, symbols, cardinal direction and scale, students will actively discover their locations in the Rouge National Park, as well as discover how to use grid maps.  The day will culminate with a scavenger hunt around the school yard where students will hone their map reading skills.

Two Girls Mapping

Overall Expectations

Social Studies

B 3 identify Canada’s political and physical regions, and describe their main characteristics and some significant activities that take place in them 

Specific Expectations

  • B 3.7 demonstrate an understanding of cardinal and intermediate directions (i.e., NW, SW, NE, and SE), and use these directions as well as number and letter grids to locate selected political and physical regions of Canada on a variety of print and digital/ interactive maps


  • Identify and describe the general location of an object using a grid system.