Permission Forms for Building Shelters: Forces

511C Permission Form for Building Shelters:  Forces
Permission Form Building Shelters.

Building Shelters - Forces

Students building shelterStrong teams are made of a variety of individuals who have different skills, knowledge and abilities.  Students will use these skills to design, build and test the structure (shelter) that will need to withstand some weather elements such as wind and rain. In the afternoon, students will continue on survival and building skills by learning how to build a fire for survival.

Overall Expectations:

Social Studies
  • investigate forces that act on structures and mechanisms;

Specific Expectations:

Social Studies 
  • 2.1 follow established safety procedures for working with tools and materials 
  • 2.4 use technological problem-solving skills (see page 16) to design, build, and test a frame structure (e.g., a bridge, a tower) that will withstand the application of an external force (e.g., a strong wind or simulated vibrations from a train) or a mechanical system that performs a specific function