First Nations and Europeans

First Nations and Europeans

The Rouge River was once an important travel route, as well as an important source of food for the people living here. As European explorers came to live in this area, the cultures began sharing knowledge, cultural practices and technology.

While exploring the Rouge Valley system, students will learn more about the ways in which these cultures helped each other. The lesson will continue with students participating in activities which will focus on cultural and work practices from this time period.

Overall Expectations:

Social Studies:

Heritage and Identity: First Nations and Early Europeans in New France and Early Canada 

  • A 3 Describe significant features of and interactions between some of the main communities in Canada prior to 1713, with a particular focus on First Nations and New France. 

Specific Expectations:

  • A 3.5 describe significant aspects of the interactions between First Nations and European explorers and settlers during this period 
  • A3.6 describe some significant differences among First Nations and between selected First Nations and European settlements in early Canada, and identify some of the reasons for these differences