Mapping the Rouge Gr 5

Permission Forms for Mapping the Rouge

511C Permission Form for Mapping the Rouge
Permission Form for Mapping the Rouge

Mapping the Rouge Grade 5

This active program supports students as they learn how to read a map, allowing them to orient themselves in a variety of new environments and situations. Students will be able to practice these skills while travelling through the mapped area of the Rouge Park, ensuring that they arrive safely back at Hillside. While on a "Scavenger Hunt", students will use the map reading skills they practiced in the morning to find symbols hidden throughout Hillside’s school yard, and then using mathematics, calculate their overall mapping score.

Specific Expectations:

Social Studies:
  • B 2.3 analyse and construct maps in various formals, including digital formats, as part of their investigations into social and / or environmental issues 
  • Locate an object using the cardinal directions and a coordinate system 
  • Compare grid systems commonly used on maps