Permission Forms for Diversity, It's a Good Thing

511C Permission Form for Diversity, It's a Good Thing
Permission Form Biodiversity

Diversity, It's a Good Thing

The Rouge Valley is a tremendous location for studying the biodiversity of an ecosystem.  Whether investigating a field, forest or aquatic eco-system, students will observe, compare and identify some of the various types of flora and fauna present.

The day will continue focusing more in-depth on a particular ecosystem e.g. pond study or the interactions between and among species of flora and fauna in an ecosystem e.g. Predator and Prey.   

Students will have many opportunities to get "up close and personal" with nature, hopefully gaining some respect and empathy for all living things in our world.    
Praying Mantis

Overall Expectations:


  • 3.   Demonstrate an understanding of biodiversity, its contributions to the stability of natural   systems, and its benefits to humans.

Specific Expectations:


  • 3.2  demonstrate an understanding of biodiversity as the variety of life on earth, including variety with each species of plant and animal, among species of plants and animals in communities, and among communities and the physical landscapes that support them
  • 3.4 describe ways in which biodiversity within and among communities is important for maintaining the resilience of these communities
  • 3.5  describe interrelationships within species (e.g. wolves travel in packs, raise their cubs, and hunt large prey, birds and bees carry pollen between plants