Permission Forms for Exploring EcoSystems

511C Permission Forms for Exploring Ecosystems
Permission Form for Exploring Ecosystems

Exploring Ecosystems

Students will have the opportunity to investigate the interactions of biotic and abiotic components when visiting one or more natural ecosystems within the Rouge Park. Activities may include an investigation in the natural environment, detailed exploration of a specific ecosystem (eg. stream), and/or simulation activities related to ecosystems.
Students standing in forest

Overall Expectations

Science and Technology


  •  2 Investigate interactions within the environment, and identify factors that affect the balance between different components of an ecosystem
  • 3 demonstrate an understanding of interactions between and among biotic and abiotic elements in the environment.


Specific Expectations

Science and Technology


  •  2.2 design and construct a model ecosystem (e.g., visit a real ecosystem), and use it to investigate interactions between the biotic and abiotic components in an ecosystem
  • 3.1 demonstrate an understanding of an ecosystem (e.g., a log, a pond, a forest) as a system of interactions between living organisms and their environment
  • 3.3 describe the roles and interactions of producers, consumers, and decomposers within an ecosystem
  • 3.4 describe the transfer of energy in a food chain and explain the effects of the elimination of any part of the chain


While exploring the Rouge wetlands, we uncovered a small snapping turtle, which was most happy to return to its muddy bed in preparation for winter.