Permission Forms for Hillside Sim City

511C Permission Form for Hillside Sim City
Permission Form for Hillside Sim City

Hillside Sim City - Wolf Prowl

Throughout the day, students will participate in a variety of activities that will highlight some of impacts that human have on the environment and eco-systems. These activities are designed to provide opportunities to build empathy for animal and plant species. The day will culminate with a Wolf Prowl game that allows students to "live" the experience of surviving as a "predator" or as "prey". Students will have the opportunity to see how humans can impact and ecosystem/food-web through their actions, both positively and negatively. Following the simulation game, students will discuss their experiences and findings.

Overall Expectations:

Science and Technology
  • 2. investigate interactions in the environment, and identify factors that affect the balance between different components of an ecosystem; 
  • 3. demonstrate an understanding of interactions between and among biotic and abiotic elements in the environment. 

Specific Expectations:

Science and Technology
  • 3.1 demonstrate an understanding of an ecosystem as a system of interactions between living organisms and their environment. 
  • 3.3 describe the roles and interactions of producers, consumers, and decomposers within an ecosystem.