Water Systems Hike

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Here is a great video about water and how one person can make a difference.

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Water Systems Hike

Seasonal: Available September, October, May and June

What is your watermark?  Students will explore some of the qualities of being a good water leader during their visit to Hillside.  Various water quality parameters, such as pH, dissolved oxygen and temperature, will be investigated in local water bodies giving students an opportunity to explore the health of our watershed here in the Rouge Park.  Weather permitting, students will have an opportunity to explore the river with dip nets and investigate the biotic parameters that indicated a rivers health.

Water droplet

Overall Expectations

Science and Technology

  • 2  investigate factors that affect local water quality.

Specific Expectations:

Science and Technology
  • 2.3 test water samples for a variety of chemical characteristics (e.g. pH, salinity, chlorine)
  • 2.4 use scientific inquiry/research skills to investigate local water issues
  • 3.2 demonstrate an understanding of the watershed as a fundamental geographic unit,    and explain how it relates to water management and planning.