Discovering Nature

Discovering Nature

This program is an inquiry-based, hands on approach to learning, providing students with opportunities to promote the growth of reasoning, creative thinking and inquiry skills. Children are encouraged to discover, create, question, predict and reflect. While learning in the Rouge Valley, students will explore the natural environment. Activities will be based upon the season, "teachable moments" and connecting students to nature.

Overall Expectations:

Science and Technology:
  • A. demonstrate an awareness of the natural and human-made environment through hands-on investigations, observation, questioning, and sharing of their findings; 
  • B. conduct simple investigations through free exploration, focused exploration, and guided activity, using inquiry skills (observing, questioning, planning an investigation, carrying out the investigation, and communicating findings); 
  • Chickadee hovering over child's headC. demonstrate an understanding of and care for the natural world

Permission Form Discovering Nature

511 C Permission Form for Discovering Nature
Permission Form Discovering Nature

Follow-Up Activities

Here are a few ideas that you can use as a followup to the program at Hillside.  We hope you find that they are fun filled learning activities.

Nature Walk

Scavenger Hunt

Environmental Art