General Information

Visiting Teacher Information

Here is information to help prepare for your trip to Hillside.

1. Payment
All money collected from the students should be given to your school’s office administrator. Hillside will complete a Journal Entry based on the actual number of students participating in the Hillside program. A receipt for the total amount of the Journal Entry will be emailed to the office administrator or Principal.
Note: There is no charge for adult supervisors.

2. Ratios
The TDSB Excursion Policy guidelines for minimum ratios of adult supervision are as follows: 
<>     -  JK/SK 1 adult supervisor for every ten students
<>     - Gr. 1 – 8 1 adult supervisor for every fifteen students
<>     - Gr. 9 - 12 1 adult supervisor for every thirty students
     - COOKOUT Minimum of 3 adults regardless of class size
Volunteers who are coming on the excursion to assist with students in your classroom, are not permitted to bring along other children. We encourage all adults to play an active role in the program and support student learning.
Please note that Hillside is a non-smoking and scent-free facility.

3. Transportation
Primary/junior students can sit 3 students per seat and intermediate classes can sit 2 per seat. We recommend that supervising adults be distributed evenly among the students.

Full day visits Gr.K -8
9:00 a.m - 2:00 p.m.

4. Forms
You will need to bring the Student Excursion Report by Class Code. This Report can be obtained from your school’s office administrator under Report Generator on Trillium.

Teachers are required to carry a list of the students, such as the one on the Student Excursion Report, for their bus trip to Hillside. This Report also includes emergency phone numbers and OHIP numbers. 
Parent/Guardian Permission Form 511 C - page 2. This form is to be left back at school on the day of the trip.
Teachers are required to obtain parent signatures on this form and should be aware of the details of all medical and emergency care information for all participants prior to any excursion.
Students arriving without their medication will not be able to participate in program.

Please note that some programs go offsite to other locations.  Please contact Hillside for further information if required.

This permission form is a Generic One for a trip to Hillside.  Currently there are specific forms for all Grades and Programs listed under the individual program page.  Please check for a Permission Form specific to the program you have selected.  You are welcome to use the generic form below as well.

511C Permission Form Generic Form   511C Hillside Generic Form

5.  Bug Spray, Sunscreen and Other Scents
Hillside is a scent-free facility.  We encourage the use of sunscreen for all visitors.  We do ask, if possible, to apply the sunscreen before you arrive, or when outside.  If you are using bug spray, it will need to be applied when you are outside. Please remember that others scents that you may apply will attract insects and other bugs.

6.  Learn More About Poison Ivy
Have your students and yourself learn more about identifying poison ivy by taking the Poison Ivy Quiz.

7. Other Information
You may wish to bring a camera with you. Or, we can provide you with digital pictures using Hillside’s camera. Please let us know in advance and bring a blank CD for us to download the pictures.

Hillside is a certified TDSB EcoSchool. We encourage waste free lunches and therefore have no garbage cans for students to use during lunchtime. Please ensure students bring a lunch with reusable, recyclable containers. Although juice boxes are recyclable, a reusable juice box, or water bottle would be preferred. Refer to the section to the left on Lunches for more details.

 Eco-Schools Link TDSB Eco-Schools 


Please encourage students to dress according to the weather. For further information on appropriate clothing to wear each season, refer to the What to Wear section to the left.   Inform students that they should bring their backpack with them so they can bring their lunch, drinking bottle, and extra clothing.

Should you require further clarification, please contact us. We look forward to seeing you soon!