Hillside Commonly Asked Questions

1.   Do I need to order buses?


2.   What should I bring to Hillside?


  • Trillium Excursion by Class list.
  • All epipens and puffers needed by students and staff (please check the excursion sheet and 511C for which children need them).
  • Appropriate clothing for the weather (for you, volunteers and children).
  • Lunch and drinks (water, juice). Each child should be bringing their own (remind volunteers to bring some for themselves), unless you are doing a Hot Dog Cookout Lunch, in which case you should bring hot dogs, buns, condiments (remember veggie or halal dogs for those who need them).


3.   How do I pay?

Please give your trip money to your OA. We will do a Journal Entry after we confirm the number of students who actually come on the trip.


4.  I have heard that sometimes visits go offsite from Hillside?  Is this true?
Yes, it is true that sometimes we do travel to other sites.  We do this because the learning opportunities available at those sites are a better fit for the individual program.  Please contact Hillside if you have any questions about this.


5.   How many parents/volunteers can I bring?

The TDSB Excursion Policy guidelines for minimum ratios of adult supervision are as follows:


  • JK/SK 1 adult supervisor for every ten students
  • Gr. 1 – 8 1 adult supervisor for every fifteen students
  • Gr. 9 - 12 1 adult supervisor for every thirty students
  • COOKOUT Minimum of 3 adults regardless of class size 

Since volunteers are coming on the excursion to assist with students in your classroom, they are not permitted to bring along other children. We encourage all adults to play an active role in the program and support student learning. Please note that Hillside is a non-smoking and scent-free facility.


6.   I have a split grade. How do I select programs?

For those who teach split grades, please pick a program from one of the two grades you teach.  You are able to insert your split grade into the Registration Form, and any other additional information you need to share.


7.   I have changed my plans re: programming. Can I change my program choice at Hillside?

Of course. Please contact us by phone or email to update us on program changes. If the weather is conducive (ie snow) we may have suggestions regarding program changes to take advantage of the weather.


8.   I have been given a visit to Hillside. Can I bring my grade partner’s class too? The Special Education Class that I partner with?

At Hillside we have limited space and equipment. It can be extremely challenging to bring 2 full classes together, and so each class must be given their own Hillside visit. If you have 1 or 2 students who are regularly integrated into your program, we will certainly accommodate that ongoing integration. We do ask that you contact us and let us know well in advance of the trip however.


9.   Can we bring cameras, phones, etc. to take photos?

We encourage participants to take photos of the program in which they are participating.
Please Note – Hillside will not be responsible for any cameras, Lost, Broken, Misplaced or Stolen.


10.   Can Hillside accommodate for the needs of the students in my class? I have 2 who use wheelchairs, and one who is legally blind.

Hillside works diligently to accommodate for the needs of all learners. However, certain seasons are easier to work in than others when accommodating for the physical needs of some. When booking, please let us know the make-up of your class if you are concerned about bringing students with physical challenges during some seasons.


11. We are currently/becoming an Eco-School. How can Hillside help us with this?

We too are an Eco-School and want to support other schools with this initiative. Many of our lessons will get you points for your scoring. As well, we can talk to you about ways in which our actions/procedures fall into Eco-Schools.


12. What about ticks? 

Ticks are present in Rouge Park and have been found in other parts of the city as well. It is the new reality.  That being said, Hillside has had few incidences of ticks.  There are preventative measures you can take such as wearing long pants and sleeves, light clothing and closed -toed footwear. The risk of getting Lyme disease in Toronto is considered to be low. If the tick is removed within 24 hours there is not a risk of Lyme disease.  If a tick is discovered after this time, doctors can prescribe antibiotics to prevent the risk of infection. The number of ticks who carry the bacteria responsible for Lyme disease is low. For more information please see the following link, and if you have further questions do not hesitate to call the school.