Advanced Placement (AP)

AP courses


What is AP? 

Advanced Placement, (AP), is a program based in the United States and Canada that offers university-level curriculum and tests to high school students.  It is recognized by universities across North America and increasingly, in international schools. It is offered at the gr. 12 level, though there are opportunities for students to prepare for AP though pre-AP courses in Grade 11.  Typically, the AP element increases a course’s load by about 30%.

What are the Benefits of AP? 

AP allows students to explore subjects more in-depth than in mainstream courses.  It prepares students to write the College Board exam, for which students have the potential of earning a university credit while in high school if they achieve a Level 4 on the exam. All students who write the College Board exam will have their course average increased by a multiplier, to account for the heavier course load.  

Why AP at Jarvis? Jarvis curriculum has been vetted and approved by the College Board: not all schools who offer AP do this.

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