Our Staff


Administration & Office Staff

M. Harvey Principal
T. Sinclair Vice Principal

N. Clark

Vice Principal
D. Ledo Office Administrator
A. Khadka Office Assistant
M. Dador Office Assistant
R. Amorim Senior Office Assistant
S. Byrne Senior Office Assistant

Caretaking Staff

E. Burow Head Caretaker
J. Deckert Daytime
B. Quance Head Night Caretaker
C. Robb Daytime
S. Sangma Nighttime
D. Stark Nighttime

Teaching Staff

M. Bartha Careers, Library & Mathematics
M. Beaudry ACL Guidance & Careers
D. Bondy ACL English
J. Buesink ACL Special Education
M. Choi Social Sciences & Business
T. Chreppas ACL Business Studies/Co-op/Library/SHSM/Computer Studies
J. Cordon Physical Education & English
O. Dutko Mathematics & Physics
Y. Eng ACL Mathematics & Numeracy 
N. Eusebio Mathematics & Computer Science
A. Gotsis ACL Social Sciences/Canadian and World Studies & Equity
D. Harper Social Sciences
E. Johnston Guidance
T. Jovanovich ACL Sciences
W. Khan Mathematics
A. Kwok Social Sciences
M. Lanteigne Science
D. Mahoney ESL & Geography
H. Margach ACL Health & Physical Education/Athletics/Wellness
A. Merritt Geography & Social Sciences
R. Marshall Mathematics
A. McPhee Mathematics & Sciences
P. Moravec Health & Physical Education
S. O’Handley ACL Business Studies/Co-op/Library/SHSM/Computer Studies
M. Purcell English
D. Retson Mathematics
M. Rossos French
N. Sass Sciences & Special Education
E. Sgouromitis History & Law & Social Sciences 
Michael Jameer ACL Arts & Moders
G. Tsipas Social Science and Special Education
A. Wang Drama
L. Wyse Special Education


Support Staff

E. McConnell School Based Safety Monitor
R. Ramos School Based Safety Monitor
K. James School Based Safety Monitor
A. Gabriel Educational Assistant
A. Hesp Child and Youth Worker