Policies and Procedures

Nil Decet Invita Minerva
(Nothing is seemly, unless with Minerva, Goddess of Wisdom)

Instilling Wisdom
Jarvis has delivered an exemplary academic program that has prepared students for university, college, apprenticeships and direct entry into the workplace for over 200 years. We value wisdom and instill in our students the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and good judgment that come from these rich experiences. These experiences take place in and outside the classroom through a rigorous curriculum and a varied extra-curricular program.Jarvis Means the World to Us
As the oldest public high school in Toronto, Jarvis is a diverse multi-cultural community. While being a student here, you can make friends with students from 82 different countries of origin, all working together to achieve excellence. Diversity is our strength. 

M otivation
P ride
O pportunity
W isdom
E mpathy
R espect

As a member of the Jarvis Collegiate Institute community you are a part of a legacy of excellence.