Lunchroom Code of Conduct

  1. Students are to be escorted to the lunchroom and should enter the lunchroom area quietly and in an orderly fashion.  Students are to sit at their designated table. Attendance will be taken.
  2. Students are to bring litterless lunches in reusable containers.  There will not be any garbage or recycling containers in the lunchroom and all leftovers and garbage will go home with the students.
  3. While eating, students will sit and talk quietly to neighbours beside them and/or immediately across from them. 
  4. Once seated, students need a supervisor’s permission to leave their seats.  Students will follow instructions from the supervisor as to when and how they will leave the lunchroom area.
  5. Students will be allowed to use the washroom with a supervisor’s permission, and will take the shortest route to the washroom and back to the lunchroom (They should not wander around the school.)
  6. Students will be supervised outside by the lunchroom supervisors and they are expected to co-operate with and show respect to them at all times.
  7. During rainy and bitter cold weather, the students will stay inside for games and quiet activities.
  8. For the safety of all students, foods containing nuts must not be brought to school.
  9. Children eating lunch at school are not to leave school propertyIf it is necessary, a parent or guardian must give permission by sending a written note to school with the child on or before the date the child will not be attending the lunch program.
  10. Lunchroom privileges will be withdrawn if inappropriate behaviour persists.