Recess Code of Conduct

Paved Area and Field Rules

  • Once on the school grounds, students are to stay on school property.
  • Students are to stayaway from the parking lotarea at all times (e.g.,running through lot, sitting on or around gate, etc.).
  • Students are not to congregate near the entry/exit doors or the portable steps.
  • The playground equipment area is for the use of K-6 students only.  Primary students will use the equipment at morning recess and Junior students will use it during afternoon recess.  Staff on duty will monitor the playground and ensure that there are not too many students there at any time.  It is off limits during the winter months and when the ground is wet.
  • Large organized games or tag must be played on the field only.
  • During inclement weather, when the field is out of bounds, running games are not permitted on the paved area.
  • During the winter, snow must stay on the ground, and all snow structures are to be respected by other students.
  • Rough play, pushing, fighting, and foul language are not permitted