Are you planning to graduate
at the end of quad 1?


If you plan on graduating at the end of quad 1, you must submit the form below.  
- The form must be submitted at least 2 weeks before the end of the quad.  Deadline to submit: October 29, 2020
- Only current SCAS-Adult students may complete this form.
- We will post forms for quads 2,3 and 4 during each quad if you are graduating later this year.

The Google form has two parts:

1. Request to Graduate

2. PLAR  (Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition) - This is needed so we can add credits for school studies and work/volunteer/life experience that you have had outside of Ontario.

A student must have completed 30 credits in order to graduate, however, if a student is successful in the PLAR process, they may graduate with completing fewer credits.

Please note that you must have completed the following courses at SCAS or another Ontario school in order to graduate:

- Grade 11 English - ENG3
- Grade 12 English - ENG4
- Ontario Literacy Course - OLC4
- Canadian Geography - CGC1
- Canadian History - CHC2
- Any other grade 11 or 12 course 

If you will be completing all of the above courses at the end of quad 1, complete this Request to Graduate and PLAR Form.